Safeguarding   Terrorism and Radicalisation

Our Vision

To provide bespoke support to our clients in order to enable them to effectively respond to the challenges presented in discharging their statutory duties as outlined within the Prevent Duty, as we also offer advice, training and support when faced with what are often challenging and sensitive issues.

Who are S.T.A.R Consultancy and Training Ltd?

S.T.A.R Consultancy and Training Ltd are experienced professionals who have a wealth of experience and knowledge around the Contest Strategy, Prevent Agenda, the Prevent Duty and Safeguarding. They can provide your organisation with the support around extremism and radicalisation to make you confident and competent in dealing with any issues you face. Our skill set varies from practitioner level to strategic leads, enabling us to provide direct support with a working knowledge and appreciation of policy and procedure within local authorities

We can provide bespoke solutions to the challenges your organisations are facing by utilising the experience we have accumulated whilst working in the world of policing, counter terrorism policing, partnerships, education and local authority.

We can work in partnership with a wide range of agencies including schools, further education establishments, statutory partners and local authorities to enable the organisations to fully discharge their responsibilities and safeguard their staff. As well as meeting the needs of vulnerable individuals who are at risk of being drawn into extremism.

Whilst working with any organisation we will enable them to identify areas of vulnerability, assess the seriousness of that vulnerability and mitigate against it.

United Kingdom’s Government counter-terrorism strategy, CONTEST was created in response to the growing threat from International Terrorism.

The strategy is organised into four distinct sections called the 4 P’s;

Pursue - Investigating those intent in staging terrorist activities in the United Kingdom and its interests abroad.
Protect - Strengthening our country against a terrorist attack in the United Kingdom and its interests abroad.
Prepare - Works to mitigate the impact of a terrorist attack where it cannot be stopped and also to recover from its aftermath in an efficient and effective manner.
Prevent - Preventing people from being drawn into terrorism, work with a wide range of stakeholders to address the risks of radicalisation as well as responding to the ideological challenge of terrorism and the threat we face from those who promote it.



We are committed in engaging with organisations and partnerships to help them to support vulnerable individuals on a voluntary basis to ensure they do not take the path towards radicalisation. This is complimentary to the Channel process which sits outside the Criminal Justice System and utilises interventions endorsed by the Home Office to support the individual.


We can provide a wide range of consultancy and training to organisations to help carry out their obligations under the Prevent Duty and to understand the Channel process.

The training packages are at a variety of levels to meet the needs and skill set of the audiences and their respective roles. Bespoke training packages to meet the needs and demands of our audience.

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Prevent Coordinator