Ofsted compliance:

Working with the client to ensure their respective organisations are discharging their responsibilities under the Prevent Duty as well as being consistent with the expectation outlined within the Ofsted framework.

Supporting education authorities:

Helping schools, FE and HE establishments meet the needs of Ofsted inspections and advise around delivering ‘British Values’ within the curriculum and the Prevent Duty.

Consequence management plans:

Advising the client how to create a coordinated plan as a direct result of a counter terrorism incident or activity.

Risk assessments:

Work with the client to develop localised effective risk assessments that deal robustly with the issues identified within your counter terrorism local profile (CTLP) or problem profile and emerging issues within your locality.

Delivery plans:

Creating tailored delivery plans to mitigate the issues identified in the risk assessment and CTLP’s as well as other local challenges.

Deep dive review:

Work extensively with clients to review and interrogate local delivery, its effectiveness and report back on opportunities for improvement.

Channel and Prevent panel support:

In accordance with the Prevent Duty and Channel Guidance (2015) all local authorities are required to have an effective panel to deal with vulnerable individuals susceptible to radicalisation. We provide support and training to existing and potential Channel members and Chairs to fully understand their respective roles, enabling practitioners to confidently and competently discharge their duties. We also help set up local Channel panels and help run them for local authorities whilst supporting the Channel Chair.


We will create specific templates that will dovetail into your local policies and procedures.

Review referral processes:

Identifying vulnerable individuals is a vital requirement of the Channel and safeguarding processes. We will work to establish with the client that their local referral processes are integrated into local practice and complimentary.

Case studies:

Our team has extensive experience and a depth of knowledge of working at a senior level in Policing, Counter Terrorism Policing, Youth Justice and Children Services, Education and Local Authority with Prevent lead responsibilities. This has enabled us to create case studies for a wide range of audiences and with varying levels of understanding in accordance with their job roles. We will utilise the case studies in an interactive forum with clients to help them understand how to deal with risk, recording of decision making and accountability and complying with legislation.

Facilitation of debate and discussion:

The team will facilitate discussion and debates with groups to demystify this agenda and enable people to express their views in a safe and controlled environment.


Jangeer works well within the partnership arena providing support to all agencies, explaining legislation, risks and vulnerabilities to those concerned and has a considerable amount of experience and expertise. Read more

Waqar Ahmed

Birmingham Prevent Lead

I have worked with Jangeer for many years. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience around the security threat faced by this country, the various government strategies designed to tackle that threat and the very real dangers posed to young and vulnerable people from radicalisation. Read more

Bob Spencer

Prevent Coordinator