Jangeer Kayani, Director

Jangeer Kayani is a recently retired police officer with 30 years’ experience in the West Midlands Police finishing his last 10 years as a Detective Inspector working on Prevent and Channel within the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit.

Jangeer has worked in a variety of positions within the Police and has extensive operational experience in both uniformed and plain clothes specialist roles. He has policed some of the most challenging and deprived areas in the West Midlands as well as having had significant roles as a senior manager. He is a confident decision maker and problem solver with the ability to motivate and engage.

He is now continuing to support organisations to provide appropriate, proportionate and lawful support solutions to vulnerable people as well as ensuring these organisations are developed to adhere with all aspects of the Prevent Duty.

Jangeer is an authority on Prevent and the Channel process. He was responsible for coordinating the restructure of the Channel panels in West Midlands, West Mercia, Warwickshire and Staffordshire Police Force areas. He undertook a wholesale review of the Channel process, which he researched and consulted widely upon with numerous agencies, identifying serious shortfalls in the way these mechanisms operated, particularly around culture, urgency and thresholds. He tackled the underlying issues head on, thereby significantly changing the way these vital supportive processes operate and by doing so greatly improved the protection of some of the most vulnerable people in our society. These changes are now being implemented in other Channel Panels nationally as best practice.

He has consistently demonstrated the commitment to deliver the highest level of integrity, professionalism and personal responsibility.

He has received numerous awards and recognition for his work as a police officer including bravery, lifesaving, leadership and partnership working.

Jangeer possesses an extensive array of skills including being an excellent communicator who engages well with the audience and has the ability and skill to deliver a serious and sensitive subject, he is skilful in building strong and effective relationships with diverse communities. He holds outstanding organisational and leadership skills and has an excellent record of working well in high pressure and demanding environments.


Charlie Spencer, Team Associate

Charlie Spencer was the group head of Young People Services and Youth Justice in Sandwell. Having started his career in local authorities in 1994, he progressed to becoming a senior manager in Children’s Services, a post he held for the past 10 years. He has been the head of service holding strategic responsibility for a range of service areas including:

  • Head of Youth Offending Service (YOS)
  • Youth Service
  • Family Information Service
  • Young People’s substance misuse provision
  • Integrated Child Sexual Exploitation Team
  • Troubled Families programme
  • North Sandwell  multi agency early help locality

He made a significant contribution in the design, implementation and operational management of all of these departments. He was also the strategic lead for ending gangs and serious youth violence, (EGYV), Prevent, and the Chair of the Channel Panel.

Charlie has worked effectively with a range of government departments and is highly regarded for his ability to build strong professional relations and in interpreting government legislation and policy into practise on the ground. He has amassed a wealth of experience in a wide range of subject areas and uses this broad detailed understanding to deliver various training packages to staff, schools, school governors, pupils, and partners. Charlie is an executive member/ director of the association of Youth Offending Team managers (AYM).

His key achievements include:

  • Turning around a significantly failing YOT to an excellently performing YOT
  • Worked as a critical reader for the Open University Youth Justice programmes
  • Developed Birmingham ‘Youth Model’ (around gang related violence)
  • Developed and rolled out the Targeted Youth Support Service in Sandwell
  • Lead role in the Development of Early Help Services in Sandwell
  • Awarded a Community Thank You award by the Head of the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit for his outstanding work on Prevent

Charlie was an associate member of the Home Office EGYV, peer reviewer and peer review manager for priority EGYV areas.  
He is an engaging communicator to a wide range of audiences, and has been a regular speaker at various national conferences and events:

  • Youth Justice Board Convention
  • Early Intervention Foundation event
  • West Minister Briefing on Early Intervention covering various areas of practice related to his roles and responsibilities.


Harry Padam, Team Associate

Harry Padam is a retired police officer having served in the with West Midlands Police.

More recently he worked in the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit working in the Prevent strand of Contest, this enabled him to work very closely with schools, colleges and other establishments where there was a potential risk and vulnerability to extremism. This has included delivering numerous presentations on Prevent and Channel to a variety of audiences.

Harry has been working very closely with local authorities ensuring that all communities including new and emerging communities were integrated, safe from hate crime and extremism. This required him to work closely with statutory partners to provide a tailored service to the needs of the respective community.

Previous to working on Prevent he spent time working at Birmingham Airport ensuring the general public, passengers and staff were safe.

He has a wealth of experience as a police officer having worked in a variety of roles in various locations within the West Midlands Police area, both in uniform and plain clothes. Harry has worked in some of the most deprived and challenging areas which required all of his skills to police.

Over his career, he has received numerous awards for his policing efforts including professionalism.

Harry has gained a Masters in Criminology and a BSc (Hons) in Industrial Information and Technology. He also attained Post Graduate Certificate in Education and this has given Harry the understanding of how to plan lessons to effectively deliver teaching to students and adults. The qualification has given Harry an insight into the delivery of services in education, training and the ability to influence others in his capacity as a professional individual.

He has excellent communication skills and he is flexible meeting client’s needs. He is highly motivated, hard working and passionate individual. Harry has a record of building strong and resilient relationships that encourage partnership working.


Jangeer works well within the partnership arena providing support to all agencies, explaining legislation, risks and vulnerabilities to those concerned and has a considerable amount of experience and expertise. Read more

Waqar Ahmed

Birmingham Prevent Lead

I have worked with Jangeer for many years. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience around the security threat faced by this country, the various government strategies designed to tackle that threat and the very real dangers posed to young and vulnerable people from radicalisation. Read more

Bob Spencer

Prevent Coordinator