Amy Carter – ACE Drug Training

Amy Carter has over a decade’s experience working in the drug and alcohol field. These roles were working directly with drug users and their families and in a preventative role.

After noticing a lack of unbiased, safeguarding led training in the wider community, Amy set about creating and building her business in 2016. ACE Drug Training was established with three firm goals.

  1. To provide outstanding drug and alcohol education to young people in a variety of settings.
  2. To deliver relevant, factual and safeguarding led workshops for professionals working with young people and vulnerable adults.
  3. To work with both Public and Private sector to provide Corporate Responsibility Training.

Young People

Amy passionately believes that young people should have access to outstanding drug education. This allows them the opportunity to build resilience and to have the ability to make informed decisions about their substance use both now and in the future.

Statistics show that targeted early interventions give young people the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions - this is a powerful way to help them safeguard themselves.

Since ACE Drug Training began trading in 2016, Amy has delivered educational sessions to thousands of young people. The settings for these sessions have been mixed, but have included schools, a Championship football academy, youth clubs, young people in foster care, residential settings and more. All sessions are informal, interactive and evaluated for quality purposes.


ACE Drug Training was also developed to ensure any professional coming into contact with young people or vulnerable adults, regardless of their position or experience, has appropriate and relevant knowledge around substances. It’s crucial staff have the ability to manage disclosures and issues safely, calmly, appropriately and confidently in a way that effectively safeguards the individual(s) involved.

Through the training Amy has delivered, it quickly became clear a large proportion of professionals felt there were gaps in their knowledge, and they lacked confidence in dealing with questions and issues.

Amy has delivered this training to teachers, social workers, the Government of Gibraltar, foster carers, NHS staff, Drug and Alcohol services, lecturers, Designated Safeguarding Leads, ChildLine Gibraltar and more.

Corporate Responsibility

Amy firmly believes in the importance of trying to change the culture within both Private and Public sectors around drug and alcohol use. Often, issues around drugs and alcohol use are treated as a disciplinary one which can often lead to further upset and distress to the worker and can be expensive and difficult for the business.

By approaching the issue with a focus on wellbeing, businesses would provide appropriate support, be in touch with relevant agencies and be educated on the issues involved. This is all delivered within statutory regulations and includes details regarding health and safety.

Amy has delivered this training to Coventry Council, NHS staff, CCGs, a leading UK luxury car manufacturer, dentists, occupational health workers, physiotherapy companies and more.

Amy is a passionate, engaging and talented trainer who uses real life examples, activities and discussion to educate.

Amy Carter
Amy Carter