All our packages are designed and created around the specific needs of the client, we will take into consideration the level of knowledge and time the client has and produce an appropriate package. This information is to be used as a guide only.

Extremism and Prevent Training


Our team will be introducing Prevent as part of the Contest strategy, showing how processes contribute to the Channel programme by improving awareness of risk analysis and assessment for those vulnerable to ideological extremism and potential radicalisation. We will provide an explanation of behavioural susceptibilities and demonstration using realistic case study examples. The packages work through how other agencies work, who can provide support and specific roles and responsibilities. This is designed for front line staff to senior managers and decision / policy makers.

Far Right & Extreme Right-Wing Ideology

We have specialist knowledge encompassing the origins of right-wing groups, ideological objectives, current developments within far-right and extreme right-wing landscapes. We provide an in-depth risk / threat analysis, potential emerging trends, themes and trajectories of extremist groups. Thorough knowledge of Islamist ideology and implications of reciprocal radicalisation between groups. Emerging political and social influences, tactics used in radicalisation and specific vulnerabilities. This course is designed for staff at all levels within your organisation.
Terrorism Awareness and Counter-terrorism strategies.

This course is designed for managers with a responsibility for securing public spaces or corporate facilities.

If there was a terrorist attack at your location what would you do? Most organisations will have evacuation policies and plans, but these are often focused on hazards like fire, flood, or power failure etc. There is however a different set of protocols that need to be understood and implemented when dealing with a terror attack. If you have not properly identified your response, then your existing plans might not be fit for purpose.

This course, aims to improve knowledge of the threat to businesses and public areas so that business resilience and security may be reviewed, redesigned and rehearsed as part of the overall Duty of Care to staff and customers. This course is designed for those responsible for securing locations that attract large numbers of the public such as shopping malls, restaurants, stadiums, entertainment venues and office blocks. The course gives delegates an awareness of the existing and future terrorism threats and how this should affect their organisation and strategies to mitigate these threats.

UK & European Threat Analysis (XRW)

Our team provide a clear understanding of the right-wing threat, its prevalence, how it manifests itself and current approaches to tackling the issues. Increasingly we are seeing networks forming between far-right groups in the UK and Europe, and the influence of Extreme Right-Wing organisations in the US. Our up to date analysis of influential groups, online trends and developing networks, supports the work of Policing, CT Analysis, community faith organisations, UKBA, Football Clubs, Regional Prevent Teams.


Peer review

We will support organisations to ensure they are compliant with legislative and /or guidance requirements. Our expert consultants will work with you to review services, policies, procedures and the impact of your work in accordance with your priorities.

We use trained and accredited peer reviewers to undertake peer reviews including 1-2-1 interventions to counter narrative campaigns.

We have experience of reviewing ending gang and serious youth violence, prioritising areas to look at the whole partnership response to the issues and related activity. We work with you to identify key strengths, good practices and making clear recommendations to improvements for areas we are contracted to review.

Child Safeguarding Practice reviews.

We undertake serious case reviews or practice learning reviews where the nature of serious injury or death of a child is the result of gangs and serious youth violence, or where the subject is an adolescent. We work within the guidelines previously outlined in Working Together 2017, and now the Children and Social Work act 2017 Social Care Act. The purpose of reviews of serious child safeguarding cases, at both local and national level, is to identify improvements to be made to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. Learning is relevant locally, but it has a wider importance for all practitioners working with children and families and for the government and policymakers. Understanding whether there are systemic issues, and whether and how policy and practice need to change which is critical to the system being dynamic and self-improving. Reviews seek to prevent or reduce the risk of recurrence of similar incident.

Security and Management

Risk Management

Our aim is to help organisations anticipate potential threats, recognise and evaluate those threats and effectively respond, recover and learn. They are designed for managers who require a better understanding of the purpose, scope and framework within which risk management operates.

Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing and controlling threats to an organisation's capital and earnings. These risks could stem from a wide variety of sources, including financial uncertainty, legal liabilities, strategic management errors, accidents and natural disasters.

Being able to anticipate and understand risk gives you one of the most important tools there is to achieve success. Risk management will help you look forward to see off threats, and also seize opportunities to reduce any identified risks. The importance of this tool cannot be understated. If you are managing risk as part of your job, our course will greatly enhance your ability to identify risk strategies and in doing so enhance your organisations resilience.

Emergency Planning

Crisis management

The goal of crisis management is to have a system in place to effectively address the coordinated response, resources, and internal and external communication requirements during and after the negative situation.

Crisis management and crisis management planning can protect organisations against complete failure if/when a catastrophic disruption happens. Our course explores how crisis can be caused by internal and external issues as well as methods for determining risk to use as a basis for crisis management plans. Delegates will learn about the key elements of crisis management and how to formulate a crisis management plan. This course will discuss how and when to implement a crisis management plan and subsequently determine when a crisis is concluded.

Business continuity

Business continuity is the ability of an organisation to maintain essential functions during, as well as after, a disaster has occurred. Our one-day course gives an overview of the principles, terminology and practice of Business Continuity Management, based on the Business Continuity Institute's Good Practice Guidelines. It is designed for complete newcomers to the field of business continuity. The course will give delegates the ability to identify and protect business critical functions, building resilience and capability to continue operating during unexpected events.

Safeguarding Children

We offer safeguarding children training courses, for professionals working in a diverse range of environments, including Early Years, education, Health and Social Care, Youth Justice and the voluntary sector. Our staff are professionally qualified and all courses are developed by utilising Adult Learning principles.

Safeguarding Adults at Risk

With our staff training you can be reassured that our courses are up to date, informative and interactive. We recognise that colleagues will work in a variety of settings and therefore our courses reflect and support the different challenges that may present themselves.

Mental Health First Aid (Adult) training

This accredited, 2-day training course has been developed by Mental Health First Aid England. We will demonstrate how Accredited (Adult) First Aiders can spot the early signs of a mental health issue, feel confident in how to offer and provide initial help and preserve life where a person may be at risk of harm to themselves or others. We also offer Mental Health First Aid awareness training, workplace audits and support sessions for managers.

Social Media

Online Safety & Radicalisation

We provide specialist workshops providing information for practitioners, parents and young people regarding risk in the online space. Demonstrating the impact of technology on behaviour, how extremist groups gain traction and opportunity in the online environment. In-depth information relating to grooming behaviour, exploitation and techniques used by predators, with particular emphasis on behavioural similarities in the “grooming” process. Expertise regarding the “dark” and “deep” web spaces, how crypto currencies such as “bitcoin” are traded, with focus on how these spaces can increase risk relating to secrecy.

Social Media Awareness

This course demonstrates through real life examples and case studies, the kinds of trends, crazes and behaviour associated with the massive escalation in social media usage. Consideration of risky behaviour, privacy versus secrecy concerns, approaches to understanding behaviour, social media addiction, diminished responsibility and desensitisation online. Considering vulnerability across social media and how gaming can contribute to vulnerability profiles and be utilised by extremist groups and promote extreme violence. Bridging the information gap in our understanding of technology.

Substance Misuse

All sessions delivered in schools are based on the needs of the individual educational establishment and risks posed to that establishment. Time will be dedicated at the end of each session to ensure young people know who they can talk to within school and the wider community.

Primary Schools

Age appropriate drug and alcohol education suitable for all primary ages. All sessions are interactive, informal and delivered sensitively.

KS1 – Focussing on safety, medicines and who we can trust.
KS2 – Focussing on risks of tobacco, alcohol and cannabis where appropriate.

Secondary Schools

Age appropriate drug and alcohol education. All sessions are interactive, informal and engaging.

KS3 – Focussing on alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, how to say no and information on the law.
KS4 – Focussing on alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, legal highs, safeguarding, risk, information on the law and where to get help.

Sixth Form, Colleges and Apprenticeships

Focussing on alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, legal highs, safeguarding, risk, information on the law and where to get help. Small group work

Violence Reduction

Gang Behaviour

We are experienced in delivery of offending behaviour programs, anti-gun & knife campaigns. In-depth knowledge of vulnerability to gang involvement and exit strategies for those seeking to make positive change. Experienced in working alongside multi-agency organisations and supporting family members.

Managing Challenging Behaviour

Drawing on experience in secure environments to managing violence and promote prosocial behaviour. Providing the right opportunities for learning and personal objectives and de-escalation techniques.

Working in Partnership


We work with key stakeholders to develop local strategies to support the delivery of multi-agency partnership working. We adopt a consultative approach, whilst seeking to identify good practices from elsewhere to inform strategy content and associated delivery plans.

We provide support to both UK-based and international development programmes to build the capacity of law enforcement and wider statutory partners and develop multi-agency arrangements to prevent individuals from being drawn into terrorism. As well as helping organisations fulfil their moral and legal obligations to work in partnerships. Maximising the outcomes whilst reducing the burden and sharing national learning.

Service Improvement

We work with colleagues to identify issues, or support areas where they may have received a poor inspection outcome. We will work across partnerships to improve services, including service delivery, practice development, strategy and governance

Interim management

We provide a skilled and experienced service manager, or head of service interim managers, particularly to manage Youth Offending teams, Youth Offer / service, Early help locality teams, multi agency CSE team, PREVENT programme and Gang violence teams plus other children’s services. Our team has extensive knowledge of young people’s issues and safeguarding challenges and have worked in lead and / or developed responses to gang serious violence, child sexual exploitation, criminal exploitation and county lines. We also offer support on an individual or organisational basis through one off interventions or longer-term involvement. We are happy to discuss other service areas where management support is required and where our skills are transferrable.


We support local authorities to develop, and manage young people’s commissioning programmes, for children, young people and families and includes working closely with the voluntary and community sector. We are committed to the commissioning of plans to ensure local knowledge, priorities and challenges are incorporated. We can prepare the reports required for officer and member agreement, together with individual outcome frameworks developed in partnership with local stakeholders.

Event support

Our staff can deliver or facilitate lectures, keynote speeches, presenting at conferences and seminars focused on preventative efforts to counter terrorism. We also provide comprehensive and challenging team building events and exercises around the needs of the client.

Pursue - Investigating those intent in staging terrorist activities in the United Kingdom and its interests abroad.
Protect - Strengthening our country against a terrorist attack in the United Kingdom and its interests abroad.
Prepare - Works to mitigate the impact of a terrorist attack where it cannot be stopped and also to recover from its aftermath in an efficient and effective manner.
Prevent - Preventing people from being drawn into terrorism, work with a wide range of stakeholders to address the risks of radicalisation as well as responding to the ideological challenge of terrorism and the threat we face from those who promote it.